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Bible Stories

Matthew 1:18-25 Joseph and the Angel

Matthew 2:1-18 Wise Men Seek

Matthew 8:5-13 The soldiers’ faith

Matthew 13:18-23 Parable of the Farmer Explained

Matthew 14:22-33 Jesus Walks on Water

Matthew 17:1-9 Jesus is changed (Transfigured)

Matthew 21:1-11 Jesus Triumphal Entry Hosanna

Matthew 26:6-13 Jesus is anointed by oil by a woman

Coming Soon Matthew 27:45-54 Jesus Death and the Curtain Torn

Coming Soon Matthew 28:1-15 Resurrection & a Bribe

Coming Soon Matthew 28:16-20 The Great Calling by God

Mark 1:40-47 Man with a skin disease is healed by Jesus

Mark 10:46-52 Jesus heals a Blind Man

Luke 2:1-7 Birth of Jesus

Luke 2:8-18 Shepherds Find Jesus

Luke 2:41-52 Jesus at age 12

Luke 10:25-37 Good Samaritan

Luke 13:10-17 Jesus heals a bent woman

Luke 19:1-10 Jesus & The Tax Collector

John 2:1-11 Jesus at the wedding with wine

Coming Soon John 20:24-31 Doubting Thomas

Acts 12:5-11 Peter’s Release

Acts 12:19-17 Doubters of Release

Coming Soon Holidays

Coming Soon Bible Animation (Pixar Style)

Coming Soon Bible Animation (Comic Style)