English Christian Bible Classes Online for ESL Chinese with interactive discussion Classes


Free Live Streaming English Christian Bible Classes for ESL  Internationals and  for adults and children. Interactive discussion and various teaching and reading.

Each class is unique and you can come as often or as seldom as you like.  Our instructors are all Christians and have different teaching and discussion styles.  The classes are suitable for beginner to advanced English speakers.  All are welcome!   We look forward to meeting you soon!

You may keep your video on or off,  you can come and go as much as you like nothing is required to attend! You can come for any reason, to learn Christianity, make friends or just practice your English!

We are a Christian non profit organisation meaning we just believe Jesus is the Lord the way most Protestant chuches do!   We believe the Bible is the Word of God!


English  Memory Class (Adults and Children)

Tuesday  8 PM China  Time

Zoom ID  896 4624 0043   

Passcode 111

This class focuses on saying and memorizing Bible Verses.  Each participant gets to individually say Bible Verses and there are interactive exercises and simple quizzes.  We use a free application tool called Verse Locker.

We have 3 breakout groups.

Beginners –  for those that want to have a pre-planned lesson.

Advanced – for those that want to share screen their own Bible Verses.

Children –   for those what have children ages 6 to 10 to go over memory verses and we show a Christian Cartoon at the end in English from Super Book!  We even have a Kahoot!  Game Quiz!

Discussion Class Speaking, Reading, Vocabulary

Tuesday 9:15 PM China Time 

(Right after English Memory Class)

Zoom ID  896 4624 0043

Passcode 111

Primary Participants:  Teens and Adults any age!

Certified English Teacher Helps your English in the class!

Discussion Class format of this class:

READ: Each participant takes turns reading some verses from the passage.

CLARIFY: Discuss any words you do not understand. (Participants guess meaning)

RETELL: Members of the group explain what they read  previously in their own words. This is called paraphrasing!

Question and Answers to follow!

Wednesday THREE English Classes!

All classes same Zoom ID:    895 3357 4833

Passcode :   111

First Class 7:20 PM China Time

Primary Participants:  Teens and Adults any age!

Three exciting classes that are back-to-back to back!

You can come and go as you like by coming to all or any of the classes:

Times Below are China Time

7:20 PM –   Introduction to Bible Passages today!  Read and Listening

7:30 PM  –   Exodus

Teaching and Reading Class where each student gets a chance to speak the Bible verses with participant discussion at the end.

8:30 PM  –  Ecclesiastes

   Discussion Class Speaking, Reading , Vocabulary

    (Same style as 9:15 PM Style on Tuesday mentioned above) Different reading!

9:30 PM  –     Genesis  – Teaching Class with discussion at the end.

Children Bible Class (Age 4-10) Thursday

 7:20 PM China Time

Zoom Account Number: 969 7662 5700

Password: 111

Primary Participants:  Children ages 4 to 10.  Parents may come as well!

Memorize scriptures, sing songs, listen to Bible stories,  see puppets, play games, and have oral conversations with our foreign teachers.   We allow the children to individually say the Bible verses.  At the end  children get to answer questions about the Bible story while playing a game!

Does your Child speak Chinese or is/wants to learn?   On Friday, at the exact same time as Thursday, we have an identical class in English with Chinese translation.

Bible Stories Told in  Spoken English 

with Class Discussion & Fun Quiz!

Thursday 9  PM China Time

Zoom ID:    843 9845 1361

Passcode  :    111

LANGUAGE: For Adults with Intermediate and Advanced English-as a Second Language-Skills.  Class is in oral English with some written English language helps.

Since the beginning of time people have orally told stories of the Bible to their families and at community gatherings.   We continue that practice in this class with a story teller who tells the Bible story.  Class participants practice retelling the story and together we discuss what God desires us to learn from the story and how to make it part of our lives today.   This is a great chance for you to come and practice spoken English and hear what God has given us to learn in the story! 

2024 Bible Texts will be from Joshua, Judges, and Ruth




Story Teller Spoken English Bible Study 

6 AM Bejing Time Saturday

Zoom ID :  845 6569 9389

Passcode  :   111

Bible Story Teller’s spoken English story and discussion

7 AM Beijing Time Saturday

Discovery Bible Study

English with Chinese Translation

Zoom ID :  895 0515 2268

Passcode  :   111

Discovery Study of English Bible Text with Chinese oral translation for Beginning Level English Skills


8  AM Beijing Time Saturday

Story Teller Spoken English Bible Study

Zoom ID :  824 5641 0365

Passcode  :   111


Bible Story Teller’s spoken English story and discussion for    (2024 stories from 1 & 2 Samuel, and 1 & 2 Kings)

Additional Classes:

Valerie’s English Class

Sunday 7 AM China Time

Zoom ID 7358 5289

Passcode 214799


David’s Prayer Time

Thursday   7 AM China Time

Zoom ID 954 116 7083

Passcode  050348


John’s Truth of the Christian Faith

Monday’s   8  PM China Time

Zoom ID 923 5625 9422

Passcode 111


Mary Kathryn’s Discussion Class

Monday’s  9  PM China Time

Zoom ID 865 5371 4305

Passcode 111